Durarara Episode 16

red eye anri

FFFFuck Yeah Badass Anri!!!!

You have no idea why i soo delighted too see badass Anri for a long time 🙂 I already list her as one of my DRRR!! favorite character even before this episode aired due i read the novel & like her already.I know some people dismiss her as weak & helpless girl because her passive personality but this is Narita character you talking about.You can’t think that Narita would make her as one of the heroine without any speciality in her….after all the badass female he created in later works(Baccano & Vamp) so i don’t see why he would make a normal heroine in this crazy story.

she creepy

Mai Nakahara voicing Haruna totaly creeps me out.As if another character her voiced isn’t creppy enough (Rena&Nanami).She doing great job voicing Haruna even as a minor character that appear in one arc only.That pedo teacher is a fag,making this girl going crazy by threatening Anri & I can’t believe he has gut to come to Anri house.

moe erika

Erika BL fantasy totaly crack me up XD And i know some BL fans will delight to hear that & assume Shizaya as canon but hell no,that’s not going happpen considering how much they hate each other gut.Besides,Izaya already have hot secreatary Namie working for him & i would happy to see him flirting her & messing with her joyfully.Shizuo at this time might not have any love interests(if you exclude Saika) but in later novel volume he does.

Shizuo vs Izaya

I wonder if Izaya can hold off against that freakin rail guard.Also when Shizuo says “Iiiizaaya asoobi maaashoo”  was funny,it’s like he can’t wait to kick Izaya ass.Too bad Celty stops their fight before they start fighting.When will see this battle between these two?

red eye mob

That’s quite a number of people been possesed by Saika.After 6 month passed from the slashing incident in ep 5 it would make sense how many people been slashed & turn into zom….i mean Saika’s children. And also they now love Shizuo!!!!Too bad for them because Shizuo doesn’t want to turned into a mindless slasher despite how much they love him & have much fun to kick their asses.

steel arm!!!

Anri deflecting Haruna blade & show the true Saika from her hands is awesome.This is the first time we see determined Anri & how she faced Haruna so calmly in the end.Can’t wait too see her action in next episode & also Shizou kicking asses of those Saika childrens.

badass meganekko sword wielder

By the way,forgive me for my laziness to post anything to this blog.I’m spending my time much to study for my final exam this semester & i’m always in MAL 🙂


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